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This is an acceptance driven dream to build a community for kink-positivity and self-exploration. I want to help you discover how to vet partners online more effectively, develop personal boundaries, and ask for what you desire.


          This platform is for you to find connections, whatever they may be. If you are looking for support and deep conversation, a new lover, a threesome, to find stand-in or sexual surrogate because your partner is unable or not interested in your type of play or lovemaking or building a triad. I want you to find that here.


Most individuals are hungry for understanding and crave a little more in their lives. I want this to be an inclusive environment that you can feel inspired to fulfill your wants and needs. But I do have some expectations of how you conduct yourself.


        We need a safer place to play, so I empower you to be self-aware. And let's keep it tasteful when it comes to profile photos, please. I want to clear the virtual smokey pub air and give you an elevated upscale lounge to mingle and find the individual that gets you.



This is a sex-positive, consent positive, Kink, and Vanilla positive judgment-free, YOU positive place.