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Toy Chest Fund

We hope you are enjoying yourself on this site and want to help ensure this community continues to flourish and provide more 'toys'? So, please consider tossing a few dollars in the toy chest fund ...Today... so together we can ensure that happens.

This is an acceptance driven dream to build a community for kink-positivity and self-exploration. I want to help you discover how to vet partners online more effectively, develop personal boundaries, and ask for what you desire.

To make this a reality for all to have fun and keep the site going and more toys to be incorporated we need your involvement and support. If you would please help us by doing these few simple things:

  • Searching Profiles and reach out the other registered users by answering their questions
  • Get the word out by inviting your friends and ask them to do the their friends. Let's Build a Community
  • Buying our Merchandise from our Shop
  • Read our Blog and consider using our Affiliate Links to purchase items we discuss. You get reviewed items, and we get a small kick back from each purchase that helps us continue to produce content

If you can, toss a few dollars into the Toy Chest Fund to directly sponsor the site's continued operation and toy development ... Today!

What are you waiting on a written invitation or spanking...?

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