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Negotiations Styles

There are several different ways to negotiate. Negotiation is compromising to reach agreeable terms for all parties. You probably have not considered that you have been bargaining and practicing power exchange your whole life. For your job, with your family, and any other correspondence you had have. There are rules and regulations for your friendships and how people treat you in your workplace. As do your intimate connections have boundaries. 

 I want to shed light on a few types of negotiations in the context of relationships and experiences. First, the gloriously long-handed written contract, then pick up play, and in "scene" negotiations. I am a sucker for textually expressive paper contracts. A formal agreement is the best way to create a clear, concise understanding of the rules and unrestrained desire. You should define your roles: play partners, romantic partners, or a D/s relationship. Discuss the depths of your interaction.

  Layout if you have injuries or things you would like to avoid. Think about the risk in the type of activity you want to engage in. Outline what your limits are and what you are ok with. The fun part is to listings the kinds of activity, kinks, and objects involved. Deeply consider what you agree to, and what is entailed. Safewords are always encouraged and to be respected. 

What happens when all parties are, well... satisfied? The answer is aftercare, a soothing activity or action that takes place after a scene or experience. You can have that in writing, but you can also do quick verbal negotiations if you are participating in pick up play or figuring out your limits in a scene. Everything covered above should be a part of your oral agreement. You should talk about what you expect, allowing your partner or sexy friend to make a counteroffer. Reaching an agreement is enticing to the mind. But don't think you can't renegotiate at any time, even during play. It is a particularly impressive skill to continue to ask for what you want during an interaction.

  Never think you should stop communicating about how you feel. There is a way to do it without ruining your mood or enjoyment at the moment. You may ask for your desires or needs in a more sultry tone or word it in a way that goes along with your roleplay. That is the foundation for proper negations and a few of the styles. You need to be in the right headspace and environmental settings for the most pleasurable experience. You always have permission to slow down or stop an interact. That is your right. Please vet responsibly and respect each other because you deserve the best. 


 Written by Princess Unity