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Get the D_L on Drop: Sub and Dom drop

        It can be hard to find your happy place in real life, especially in recent trying times. I recommend staying close to your community or having a trusted friend to have a good "whine and wine" with. I take the sate of your emotional well being very seriously. Although I am not a licensed professional, I do have experience and knowledge to back up my advice. Let us define “drop”; it is a psychological and chemical dip that usually happens after a dopamine-driven experience. Your hormones and chemicals shift after being elevated and intensified. Which generally occurs after a high impact scene, not just a few passionate flavored spankings. Your body needs a refractory period. Random factoid; pain can lead to exhaustion. So humiliation play may also have this effect. 

  Let's conquer the negativity.  Drop and depression are different, and having one could make the other more complicated. Depression is a chemical imbalance in your body that you should consider treating with talk therapy and potentially medication. A drop should only last a few days to two weeks maximum. If it lasts longer, you may very well be dealing with depression. Here are tips on how to deal with a drop. Depending on the reasoning, there are a few ways to cope constructively.

 First of all, acceptance is essential. It is not your fault you feel this way, and it does happen even after the most splendid experiences. Try to read the signs that your body and spirit say you are going to drop. Know this state of being is temporary and will pass. I am not a personal fan of hanging out with any one emotion too long. Primarily if it affects your livelihood, it is worth tackling to be present in your present.

    Plan for the plan, honestly! Make sure your "setting and setting" are correct and suitable for your well being. Meaning before your experience, check your headspace and environment. Are you with the right people, and are you in a good place to begin with? Then find the aftercare that works for you. Surround yourself with things that uplift you or give you a creative outlet to exude that emotion. Blankets to your favorite stuffie, movies that make you laugh, hot tea, an adult coloring book, and music seem pretty useful in changing the tone. I would suggest taking vitamin B for a little extra boost in energy or sipping on your favorite juice right after helping with potential blood sugar drops. Words of affirmation are also a powerful tool to improve positivity and a sense of well being. 


Written by Princess Unity










If you have anything to contribute we would like to hear your thoughts! Please email us. Everyone here is unique and deals with things differently. I want to create a community that supports that.