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That Big Brat Energy by Mathew


That Big Brat Energy


I am lucky enough to live in a major city that has a few kink clubs and a reasonably large kink community. I recently took a friend named Giggle-slut to the club closest to me. It was her first time at this venue, and she was a little shy. I took her on a tour of the venue, showing her the different playrooms, and finally lead her to the coffee bar on the mezzanine. With a fresh, hot brew in hand, we leaned on the railing and watched the people below us chatting and engaging in their various scenes. As I watched I noticed a cheeky, little ball of energy was bouncing around the space, mischief dancing in her eyes and a smirk plastered to her face. Everything about her screamed Brat. I had been introduced to this young woman as Rose at the beginning of the night by the club’s hosts, she had been bubbly and friendly, definitely an extrovert. Now, as I was watching her, she was sneaking up on a Latex Daddy. The Daddy was wearing a full black latex outfit, including big gumboots, one with a riding crop sticking out of it. She crept up like a cartoon villain, with large, exaggerated steps. When she was right behind him, she snatched the riding crop out of his boot and ran to the other side of the venue. I was immediately reminded of a puppy with a tennis ball. The puppy will not drop the ball because being chased is much more fun. Like the puppy, she wanted this Daddy to chase her, wrestle with her and take his riding crop back. The Latex Daddy assumed a commanding stance and demanded his crop back, pointing at his feet. Rose, pouting like a kid, walked over and gave the crop back, but she seemed so disappointed.


I mentioned this to Giggle and after checking that she was comfortable, I called out to Rose and invited her to join us on the mezzanine. Rose came up the stairs and seemed to brighten at the attention. I explained to her what I had witnessed and how I suspected she was disappointed the Latex Daddy had not met her energy in kind. She confessed that my suspicions were spot on. She wanted to be chased, to wrestle on the floor, to be pinned down. I said to her that I had an idea for a scene I would love to do with her and asked if she would like to do it. She brightened visibly and excitedly agreed. I explained my idea and got her consent for the various things I planned to do. I then told her to go and have fun in the club, and I would start the scene when she least expected it.


I waited quite a while, long enough for her to drop her guard, and then I grabbed one of my jute ropes and calmly walked up behind her. She had been doing a hose scene earlier and was naked except for a damp towel. When I was close, I quickly grabbed her wrists and bound them behind her back. She tried to pull away, but I held her firmly. Holding her wrist binding in my right hand and the rest of the rope in my left, I guided her from one end of the venue to the other, people watching as she struggled futilely. When we got to the carpeted area reserved for rope play, I let the rope fall from my left hand, grabbed a fistful of her hair, and forced her down to the carpet till she was laying on her stomach. Now, I do not claim to be a master rigger or anything close. I am and will forever be a student of the art form. That said, I noticed the wrist binding was sitting too low on her wrist due to the fast way I put it on her. I used my leg to keep her pinned to the ground and re-adjusted the binding. Once it was sitting safely, I took the rope and grabbed her ankles. I pulled them up to her butt and fastened them in place. Firmly hogtied, I grabbed a fistful of Rose’s hair and pulling her shoulders up off the ground, I then worked the rope into her hair to force her to hold her head in that position.


All the while Rose was wiggling and struggling, biting at me if I got to close to her face, giggling like a loon when she nipped me. Once I had her firmly bound, she continued to struggle but she was not able to escape my rope. I stood over her and watched her squirm in vain. She tried biting at my ankle, but I easily moved out of the road. To demonstrate my control, I rolled her onto her back exposing her naked body for everyone to see. She snapped at me some more, so I gave her a firm smack on her nipple. She giggled so I smacked her nipple again, harder this time, and she exclaimed “Ouch.” Satisfied, I rolled her onto her stomach again. Without breaking from my dominant role, I checked the joints I had bound and the color of her skin around the bindings. I tested her pressure response by poking and pinching her. Rose had stopped fighting at this point and had seemed to calm down. I laid down on my back next to her, cupped her face gently, and checked her pupil response. I told her I was proud of her and I gave her a kiss on the forehead. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. I gently stroked her cheek, and quick like a snake, she tried to bite my hand. I jerked my hand away just in time, but I was not going to tolerate that bratty behavior anymore.


Because her head was pulled back by the rope in her hair, her neck was very exposed, especially by my position on the ground next to her. She had renewed her squirming and snapping at me. I grabbed the rope where it was bound into her hair and firmly held her head in place. I slide up next to her and grabbed her exposed neck in between my teeth. I applied a small amount of pressure, not so much as to hurt her, but enough so she immediately stilled. I let a deep, rumbling growl vibrate up my throat, through my teeth, and into her neck. I was given a soft, submissive whimper in return. This was the sign that told me this scene was winding down. I released her throat, moved to sit next to her, and slowly let her free from the ropes. As I worked, I massaged her joints and limbs, making sure that the restrictions had not caused any damage. Once she was free, I helped her into a sitting position, we sat and cuddled, I told her I was proud of her and how well she performed during the scene. Once I had established that Rose was not going to experience any sub drop, I asked her if she needed anything. She said she just wanted a cup of herbal tea.


I took her up to the mezzanine and got her tea and I had another coffee. We discussed the scene and gave each other our feedback. Rose told me she was super happy with how I had recognized her need and had come up with something to meet that need. She wanted to fight, to struggle, to be forced to submit, but more than that, she wanted someone to appreciate her energy and to match it. That made her feel validated and satisfied, which in turn, gave me the validation I was after. I had taken the trust Rose had given me and used it to meet her needs. The joy I got from her joy was everything to me. Throughout the night I checked in with her from time to time, and she frequently came up to me for some more cuddles, or to just sit at my feet. It was an amazing first meeting for both of us and we will be playing again before too long, I suspect.


Hope you have enjoyed my story,


Fetlife: Noisymango87

Instagram: @rope_springs_eternal