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Let's Talk About Consent!

                Consent is critical in any situation or relationship. It is utilized in our daily lives with little to no thought, most of the time. Let's discuss what consent is, why it is essential, and when to utilize it. Consent is when you agree to submit to the proposal or desires of another. You are acting of your free agency and permitting another to participate in that. It is voluntary and has the option of being revoked at any time. Like tea, if you have not seen consent is like tea on youtube you should totally check it out. Just because someone likes "tea" does not mean they want to make "tea" with you. In this society, being clear on your level of consent is important, so consider your directness when you are giving it. Only you have the power to give it away, keep that in mind.

            Why is consent necessary? That is a great question. It outlines your personal boundaries with others. It informs people and forces them to acknowledge what they have permission and access to do to you. In relationships, especially d/s one's, informed consent is key. It's a little tricky because it can be given on a sliding scale. That is where negotiations and physical contracts can be helpful to keep things clear.
You exercise consent in almost every decision you make. How you let your friends, boss, and coworkers treat you is an aspect of you utilizing consent. As well as, any time you agree to meet, play, or do a scene with another individual, you utilize your consent. Most of the "activities" you can do with a partner have risks, and you should know what you are allowing yourself to experience. Know what you desire and what is an allowed interaction. Play nice and respect others' right to consent. We encourage safe, sane, and sexy play.


Written by Princess Unity